Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big B in 3D Great Gatsby, WSJ and NYT

Amitabh Bachchan has been tapped to co-star with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Macguire in Baz Luhrman's 3D Great Gatsby, in a juicy character role as Meyer Wolfsheim, inspired by real-life gangster Arnold Rothstein.

More proof that America is starting to take India very seriously.... The Wall Street Journal has revamped and beefed up their India coverage and added a Bollywood blogger to their India Real Time line-up....

And the New York Times has launched a whole new blog on India, called India Ink, with an impressive list of contributors.

Hollywood and the western media woke up to India in a big way the last ten years. I'm waiting for western publishing to do the same. So far, they seem oblivious to India's lit boom. But I predict in the next two years every author who can will be maneuvering, manipulating and sweet-talking their way into Indian litfest invitations. (I could predict which ones will, but I'll keep that to myself. :) )Link

Friday, September 2, 2011


"Shoaib Mansoor is rapidly becoming the flag-bearer for new Pakistani cinema."

"The film is a tour de force, both in terms of the performances by the two main protagonists, daughter Humaima and father Manzar and in the narrative which spills over with umpteen twists and turns, geared to shock and shake you up, with their horrific tenor. If Humaima Malik is picture perfect as the rebellious daughter who dares to question her father and even take drastic measures to ensure that justice prevails amidst all the inequity, then Manzar Sehbai is magnificent as the tyrannical man who is desperate to hang on to family honour and moribund traditions." (TOI)