Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monkey at My Window

He is watching me write. Our eyes meet and he squeals quietly. The rains have let up, briefly, and the monkeys are everywhere, looking for food. Yesterday, I took my trash to the dumpster up the hill and when I threw it in a large monkey jumped out the other side. I put potatoes and cucumbers out on the road for them, away from the building so as not to tame them or get too close. Wild monkeys, especially wild forest monkeys who are hungry, can get aggressive.

This ain't Gorillas in the Mist, although the valley below is filling with mist as I write this. At the moment, it's light, making the vista an impressionist painting. In about 20 minutes it will be white-out fog. More heavy rain forecast for tonight.

Monsoon rain is not a downpour--it's more like intermittent explosions of ocean so dense they can almost knock you unconscious. After a few days of heavy rains everything inside is damp and matches won't light. If you're caught out in it, your average telescopic umbrella is a feeble defense. People carry big, sturdy umbrellas with enormous wingspans, making it difficult and dangerous to navigate crowded bazaar lanes during monsoon without losing an eye. Throw in a couple of cows and a few auto rickshaws for extra fun.