Monday, January 24, 2011

Mixed Reviews for Dhobi Ghat/Film Journos

Dhobi Ghat grabbed lavish praise on the world cinema circuit, but is getting mixed reviews from Indian critics who either love it or dislike it--nobody seems to hate it. (I haven't had a chance to see it, but I generally love what Khan-Rao do.) This happened a lot this last year, with My Name is Khan, Ravaan, and Kites--exuberant reviews from foreign critics, and a mixed bag from the reviewers at home. Hmmm. Goes the other way too, I imagine. Spiderman 3 was huge in India as I recall.

Update: Roger Ebert just weighed in on Dhobi Ghat on Twitter, calling it "hot-hot."

Was there a golden age of film journalism in India? I think that golden age might be now. The writing about film in India is more entertaining and relevant than most of the movies covered.