Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crossover Dreams

Good piece on "crossover" in Mumbai Mirror this week. Read here. It argues that a film has to be distinctly Indian in order to crossover, and emulating Hollywood is a mistake (one made by the Canadian film industry for years). I agree, Bottom line is, in the words of Billy Wilder, "tell a good story." This doesn't mean all good stories that are distinctly Indian can crossover and win the mainstream Western audience of course, but those with great, relatable characters and compelling storytelling should have a chance. Monsoon Wedding by NRI director Mira Nair is probably a better example to use than Crouching Tiger -- a very Indian story, without ever playing to Western stereotypes of India, yet one that resonated deeply and broadly around the world.

Oh, and I liked Kites. The original version may not have found the wide Western audience hoped for, but it did really well with the anglo critics and at the box office.