Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How I Ended up in Bollywood (Abridged Version)

A very cool woman,starting a new website for expats, interviewed me about my Hindi film experience. Thanks to author Alex Sutcliffe for asking me to participate and doing the interview for Expat Everywhere. There is a lot I love about Bollywood and India not touched on here, but I am saving that for a book/script I am working on, set in the world not of stars so much as strugglers: the writers, dancers, extras, low-level techs, and unknown actors. Stars appear peripherally. :)

It is an exciting time in Indian film. We are seeing the rise of the scriptwriter, who in the past has generally been a poorly paid, often-ignored player, unless he (and occasionally, she) was also the director. This is the single most important factor in the new Bollywood and IMHO heralds the arrival of a new golden age in Indian cinema. Budgets are bigger, ambitions are greater and Bollywood, like Hollywood, now attracts a lot more foreign interest and talent. One recent example: Brett Ratner was approached by the makers of Hrithik Roshan's upcoming Kites and he offered to do an edit for an international (read:non-Indian) audience.